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Size: External dimensions: 6,058 * 2,438 * 2,591m

Product Description:

Container Office toilet: Being self-contained room. Used as Office, people, guard room, temporary and permanent ... very convenient and efficient in the construction, at the company offices, factories ...

Container 20 'according to international standard is processed, converted to offices, external dimensions: Length: 6,058m x Width: 2,438m x Height: 2,591m.

Expose :

Roof wall, reinforced with steel frame (3cm x 5cm).
Roof insulation wall air cushion system, 3cm thick foam insulation, plywood face of mounting special PRIMA fireproof, waterproof, sound insulation, thermal insulation and anti-termite, mold ..., plywood covered surface decorative paint layer.
Floor: Wooden flooring Simily 03cm thick.

Door: 01 iron door glass panal (0.8 x 1.9 m) covered and locked Ball.

Window: aluminum sliding windows 02, sheltered and protected cotton outer frame.

Electrical system: The entire wall Cadivi wirings

Son: 03 layers of paint to withstand the marine environment, in addition to paint decorative paint. (Can be painted according to the color requirements of the customer).

Equipped with 01 freezers enlarged 1.5 hp power, concealed intake fans 01, 05 Compact Cassette lamp longevity, energy saving, environmental protection, 02 aluminum blinds.

Toilet (1.0 x 2.4 m):

Tiled floors, walls and roof tiles are painted rich PRIMA plate.
Equip: 01 bulkhead, the door 01 pitches, 01 lavabol + toilets, 01 showers, 01 compact lamps concealed, 01 mirrors, towel racks 01, 01 paper boxes, junk basket 01, 01 sinks 500 liter plastic water container. Water supply and drainage system by plastic tubes P.V.C, plumbing and electrical lines going sound walls.

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