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 Subjects covered container

 Subjects covered cargo containers

 Container coverage

 Excluding the provisions in point 3 below, this insurance coverage all risks of total loss (actual or estimated) for the insured.

Asian. Each container is covered, including when the goods are loaded onto the deck, within limits and territorial waters are defined. If contrary to this provision limits the insured must immediately inform the MIC said that this insurance is insurance with the agreed premium

b. If a container is covered under this insurance is sold, leased or rented to another party is not insured, the insurance policy of this container will be automatically invalidated unless written permission MIC the continued coverage.

 Sum insured container

       Insurance amount of the insured goods to the value of the goods covered by the declaration and acceptance MIC. Typically the amount of insurance is calculated including goods price (C) indicated on the bill of sale (or actual price at the place of shipment if no invoice) plus shipping costs (F) and premium ( I). Sum insured may be included both the expected profit, but such interest shall not exceed 10% of the insured value.

 Compensation insurance records container

      When MIC compensation claim for loss or damage under liability insurance policies, the insured must submit sufficient proof, in which each relevant case must have:

- The original of the insurance policy or certificate of insurance;

- Original or copy of the invoice shipment, together with a detailed list of goods and / or weight scorecards;

- The original of the bill of lading and / or the contract of carriage of all kinds;

- Minutes of the assessment and other documents documents indicate extent of the loss;

- Receipt or certificate of delivery and collection scorecards weight final at the destination;

- Copies of customs reports and / or extract of the logbooks;

- Official correspondence with the carrier and other parties about their responsibility for the loss;

- Paper claim;

- Assessment certificate;

- Other documents related to the complaint;

- Other documents requested by the MIC (if any).


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